First project of the year, finished!

January 04, 2013

The first project from the list of unfinished things is officially finished! It's been one that I've wanted to finish for some time, but for some reason, I never got around to it.

Oh, right, I know the reason. I stopped at the sleevils.

But no more! The sleevils are finished, and the last bits of the dress have been assembled. Behold, the red silk contouche!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get together with my photographer soon, and snap some pictures of myself prancing around in it.

Since the red contouche was finished faster than I expected, I decided to do some work on another unfinished project, the teal contouche. I had left it off at, you guessed it, the sleeves, so I trimmed the sleeves with what few scraps of fabric were left, and attached them to the bodice.

 There's lots of teal in the sewing room right now!

I'm faced with a bit of a dilemma now. I have to figure out what to do about a stomacher, but I have completely run out of fabric, and it happens to be a fabric that is no longer produced. :-/  I have a yard of another teal satin, but it's more green than the gown fabric, though that might not be much of an issue if I cover the stomacher in bows. I'm still debating what to do, so this one probably won't be finished before my three-day weekend is over. Ah, well!

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  1. The red dress is incredibly beautiful.

  2. The red is made of yay and win!

    The teal! One can NEVER get enough teal in ones's life. It's not a period that I have any expertise whatsoever though, so I'm not full of ideas on the stomacher issue. Were contrasting stomachers a thing? If so, gold would look smashing with that underskirt.

    1. Hehe, I agree! Teal is my favourite colour, I can't get enough of it. :)

      I've seen some examples of contrasting stomachers, but I'm not sure how well I'd like it with the teal gown. I'm just going to have to fiddle with it for a while and figure out what can be done. I have a few ideas floating around in my head, so I'll just have to see which I like best. :)

  3. Though you made some major progress and that counts for alot, they are stunning

  4. That red contouche is amazing! I am in awe of that jewelled stomacher. Can we get a how to?

    1. I didn't really do anything special for it, the jewels are just glued directly to the fabric. I based it off of an extant set of stomacher jewels. :)

  5. Gorgeous, both of them! I dislike the evil sleevils as well.


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